An Optical Profiler like The Pro Film 3D is a high-value, high-resolution alternative to run of the mill optical profilometers: it delivers superior, Angstrom-level height accuracy, in a wide open versatile framework.

Measure surface height, roughness, and volume in three dimensions with sub-nanometer accuracy using non-contact interferometric focal scanning.

With The Pro Film 3D’s Surface Profiler, we engineered to give you high value features in a standard configuration which are ‘upgrades’ on other premium systems. Some of these standard features — such as the resolution of the image sensor — aren’t available elsewhere on production systems.

Need to get a large, heavy part profiled optically? How about 180mm of vertical travel on the optical head? The ample profiling test area is 250mm deep and over 500mm wide, on a solid vibration isolation table (included with the system).

Optical means non-contact measurements.

Optical profiling means nothing touches your surface when making surface measurements other than light. Yet, three dimensional profiles from The Pro Film 3D are known for their accuracy: height variations are plotted with sub-nanometer sensitivity.

Optical profiling can be very successful on fragile and soft surfaces, and for measuring roughness that is best modelled three dimensionally — such as regular textures and geometric structures.

Optical Profiling: What you need to know about The Pro Film 3D

  • Large 1.3 million pixel optical profiling imager (standard on the system) gives you a better field of view, without stitching surface measurements
  • Repeatability of RMS surface roughness measurement: 0.01 nanometers. Yes, that is 0.1 Angstroms of sensitivity in a 3d profile!
  • Large non-contact scanning range of more than 50mm for demanding applications
  • Optical head travel provides 180mm of vertical range for large samples
  • Computer controlled 5-position objective turret
  • Motorized auxiliary magnification changer gives each objective 2x and 0.625x versatility
  • Use our super-fast Pro Film 3D acquisition and analysis software, or analyze optical profile surface metrology data in a standard plotter like SPIP
  • Non-contact, non-destructive surface measurements using optical profiling.