Innovative Measurement Solutions


Optical profilers like ProFilm3D are interference microscopes and are used to measure height variations – such as surface roughness – on surfaces with great precision using the wavelength of light.


Optical techniques are usually the preferred method for measuring thin films because they are accurate, non-destructive, and require little or no sample preparation. Optical techniques can determine the thickness, roughness and optical constants of a film.

Digital Fringe Projection

Fringe patterns consisting of parallel stripes are projected onto the object surface, and their perspective deformation is recorded by a camera. The high number of points acquired simultaneously delivers even the smallest details.

White Light Interferometry

An Optical profiler like The ProFilm3D are used to measure surface height variations such as surface roughness and topography on a wide variety of surfaces with very high levels of precision that use the wavelength of light as their ruler.


The next generation Film Sense Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer systems are now available! Film Sense FS-1EX and FS-1UV ellipsometers provide enhanced thin film measurement capabilities, with more wavelengths and wider spectral ranges.

Low Coherence Interferometry

OptoFlat, designed for production quality control and incoming quality assurance of polished plano optical components is a low cost, high performance flatness interferometer.

4-Point and Eddy Current Probing

The 4PP contact four-point probe configuration is recommended for thin metal and ion implant layers, and the non-contact Eddy Current (EC) probe is recommended for thicker metal layers and soft or flexible conductive surfaces.

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