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LMI Technologies digital fringe projection systems directly measure surface height and topography information from just a few phase shifted fringe patterns.

Since no vertical scanning of the camera or sample is necessary the measurement is not only extremely accurate, but also very fast.

The MikroCAD systems offer the perfect solution for a wide variety of 3D industrial inspection tasks (e.g. the measurement of cutting tool edge geometries, paper structures, etc).

The cosmetic industry, dermatologists and plastic surgeons have also discovered the value of using this technology, with the Primos systems being used to measure and evaluate wrinkles, wounds, scars and skin roughness.

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Optical profilers like ProFilm3D are interference microscopes and are used to measure height variations – such as surface roughness – on surfaces with great precision using the wavelength of light.


Surface measurement, synonymous with surface metrology is able to determine surface topography, which is essential for confirming a surface’s suitability for its function.


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