OptoFlat, designed for production quality control and incoming quality assurance of polished plano optical components is a low cost, high performance flatness interferometer.

Proprietary, engineered coherence interferometry.

OptoFlat was designed as a low coherence interferometer to measure plane-parallel transparent polished surfaces without special treatment of the backside. Thin glass wafers and disks of 300 microns thickness or more are easily measured. Just position on the integrated stage, adjust focus position and tilt and with a wave of the hand, a measurement of flatness is performed.

Sub-nanometer measurements are routine. No other interferometer in this price range can compete with the precision and capabilities for measurement of flatness and transmitted wavefront of plano optical components.

Interference artifacts are suppressed or totally eliminated through the engineered coherence of the novel OptoFlat design. By using an extended source, dust, scratches and nanometer scale surface variations within the optical train do not produce artifacts in the measurement. Polish process fingerprints are clearly seen. Improvements can rapidly be made to a process by using OptoFlat to monitor and document successive iterations.

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