Filmetrics (Sheet Resistance Measurements)

The 4PP contact four-point probe configuration is recommended for thin metal and ion implant layers, and the non-contact Eddy Current (EC) probe is recommended for thicker metal layers and soft or flexible conductive surfaces. These techniques support a wide range of measurements, including but not limited to the following:
  • Metal film and backside layer thickness measurements
  • Substrate resistivity
  • Sheet resistance
  • Thin film thickness or resistivity
  • Sheet conductivity
  • Bulk conductivity

The Filmetrics R50 resistivity mapping system design is optimized to support a wide range of sample types with extended clearance and automated sample point mapping using rectangular, linear, polar and custom configurations.

The KLA Instruments™ R54-Series systems offers the measurement performance of the R50 inside a light-tight enclosure with additional functionality to support automated X-Y-θ stages for full 200mm or 300mm wafer mapping of semiconductor and compound semiconductor wafers.

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Optical profilers like ProFilm3D are interference microscopes and are used to measure height variations – such as surface roughness – on surfaces with great precision using the wavelength of light.


Surface measurement, synonymous with surface metrology is able to determine surface topography, which is essential for confirming a surface’s suitability for its function.


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