Ultra-Thin Film Characterisation

Film Sense Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometers for Thin Film Measurements

Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer
The next generation Film Sense Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer systems are now available! The FS‑1EX and FS‑1UV provide enhanced thin film measurement capabilities, with more wavelengths and wider spectral ranges.

Automated Mapping Systems
These products combine an FS-1EX Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer with compact automated mapping stages to provide fast, accurate, and reliable film thickness uniformity measurements across a wafer.

In Situ Monitoring
Film Sense Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometers are ideal for in situ realtime monitoring and control of thin film deposition and etching processes.

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Optical profilers like ProFilm3D are interference microscopes and are used to measure height variations – such as surface roughness – on surfaces with great precision using the wavelength of light.


Surface measurement, synonymous with surface metrology is able to determine surface topography, which is essential for confirming a surface’s suitability for its function.


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